A Crazy Journey - Gretchen M.


Wow, what a crazy journey aesthetics school has been. Since I already owned my own business, I went into school with low expectations. "School" had a negative meaning immediately in my life. My thought process for school was short, sweet and simple. Go to class, complete school, get my aesthetics license, and never look back. A pretty ignorant mindset to be completely honest. God, on the other hand, had a different journey in mind.

While being a student at Premiere Aesthetics Institute, I have grown personally, academically, spiritually, and even in business. I have grown to be around like-minded amazing women and built amazing relationships in this industry. I have learned how to best take care of my client. I have learned the importance of my education and how it will directly impact my clients. I have learned how to know my worth in the aesthetics industry and how to properly ensure my self-care.

Premiere has brought in more "high end" level aesthetic courses than I have ever heard of a school doing. We have had the opportunity to take eyelash extensions courses, microblading courses, micro needling courses, botox/filler injection courses, and much, much more. We have more opportunities than any school in the Boise area to be advanced in our training before we even graduate. On a day to day basis, the staff at PAI strives to make every single day worth our investment. We are being jam-packed with knowledge, which they relate directly to the real world.

The administration staff is constantly updating our progress and one on one discussion, where we have our strengths and room to grow. I could never have dreamt for a school that cared so much about their students. I have friends moving from my home town, all the way from Montana, to get an education with me here at Premiere.

The fact I have found such an amazing school to be a part of, I can't help but want to share it with everyone. Although I am so excited to take my knowledge into the "real" world, I am sad to miss more opportunities to learn every single day. I can't thank you Premiere enough for taking their time to do things the CORRECT way. It took them time to find the right staff, now we have it. It took time to have the cleanest building, best equipment, and the best education, now we have it. I would recommend Premiere to anyone I ever come in contact with.