About us


Ryanna McMillen

Ryanna has worked as an esthetician in the Medical Aesthetics industry for more than 12 years. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about her career, clients and students.  For these reasons she created Premiere Aesthetics Institute, where students learn about the industries' most advanced, state-of-the-art products and techniques.  It is her mission to continue to produce the most highly qualified and desirable estheticians.


Angela Hudspeth

Angela has worked in many facets of the beauty business and her unique style integrates training that she loves. Working with and helping people has been her goal for over 26 years in the business of beauty and style from her own spas to working in all different types of the business providing skilled services and treatments.

She is able to provide her students and clients a great variety of experience that she has gathered over the years working in different spas along with offering a wonderful caring, fun and thoughtful teaching approach for her students. She truly enjoys sharing all her techniques and experiences in and around the business of Aesthetics while helping her students succeed at their goals.

Haley Hartzell

Haley is a licensed esthetician, as well as a licensed massage therapist.  She graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in 2005 and the IBS school of cosmetology in 2011.  She is currently a certified educator for Tamara's Professional Body Sugaring, as well as the creator and owner of Bloom Skin Care.  She believes that beauty comes from the inside.  When you feel beautiful, it radiates throughout your body.