Education financing

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Your Financing Options with Meritize

Premiere Aesthetics has partnered with Meritize Financial to offer educational loans to their students.

Meritize is a unique academic lender that bases loan approvals on traditional credit scores, as well as student academic performance to expand and enhance loan options.  This additional data allows Meritize to offer loans with better terms that may not even require a cosigner.  Students with no credit, or with a thin credit profile, might benefit from a Meritize loan.  And even if a student has an imperfect academic record, Meritize will work with them to customize a loan that meets their specific needs.


Meritize Loans:

  • Have no application fees

  • Have reduced Premiere student monthly payments as much as $187 or 60%

  • Include a 90-day post-graduation grace period before repayment

  • Can be repaid over 5 years

  • Can cover the full cost of attendance

  • Do not include a prepayment penalties

  • Use academic data for more and better customized loan options

  • Offer an expedited approval process


Premiere is pleased to work with Meritize to expand student education financing options.  For more information and to apply, go to