Program Objectives


The primary purpose of the 600 Hour Aesthetics Program is to train the student in the basic manipulative skills, safety, judgments, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary to achieve competency in job entry-level skills, as well as obtain licensure and gainful employment in the field of esthetics or related career avenue.

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Mission Statement


"Our goal is to provide theoretical education, practical training, attitude, and counseling necessary to inspire and enable each student to satisfactorily complete their course of training, pass the required State examination and secure entry level
employment in an esthetic related field.

We’re attuned to the ever-changing needs of the skin care field and are continually striving to provide our students with esthetic skills that will fully equip them for a skin care career today and in the future."

600 Hour Aesthetic Program

Our educational philosophy is student driven. It is our belief that every student must make the choice to want a quality education and support this choice daily with a commitment to themselves as well as their professional success.

Are you ready to commit to excellence in learning?  Will you bring the highest level of
service and professionalism to your clientele?  Then we are the right fit for you.

Part-time, evening classes now available.  With classes one night per week you can keep your day job while going to school!



  • Facial Massage
  • Electricity & Light Therapy
  • Face & Body Treatments
  • Sterilization, Sanitation,
    and Safe Work Practices
  • Skin Sciences
  • Facial Makeup
  • Bacteriology
  • Salon & Reception Operations
  • Resume & Interview Preparation
  • Hair Removal
  • Dispensary & First Aid
    ...and much more

Class Dates


Enrollment is currently open for the following dates!


Full-Time  Program

Bend, Oregon

October 2nd


Bend, Oregon

January 2nd


Boise, Idaho

February 12th



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*Boise, Idaho Location Opening Soon!*

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600 Hour Aesthetic Program

Ryanna McMillen

Owner, School Director
Haley Hartzell

Lead Instructor - Haley Hartzell

Angela Hudspeth


Premiere Aesthetics Institute is licensed as a private career school by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission.